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Tony Lo Bianco Bianco PDF Meredith Police Story 1975. American actor of film, stage, and television, best known for his roles in crime films like The French Connection and The Seven-Ups.

Författare: Laura Pugno.

Lo Bianco was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of a housewife mother and a taxi driver father. 1945 mayor of New York City Fiorello H. La Guardia in the one-man show Hizzoner! The play closed in 1989 after 12 Broadway performances. His third incantation of the mayor’s life that had a limited run off Broadway in October 2012, titled The Little Flower. Lo Bianco was a regular in Joseph Wambaugh’s TV series Police Story in the mid ’70s, opposite actors Don Meredith and Chuck Connors. A New York Times profile in 2015 reported that Lo Bianco was at work on a one-man show playing himself and a film script about his early life.

Lo Bianco, an Italian American, was the National Spokesperson for the Order Sons of Italy in America. Lo Bianco tends to be politically conservative, though he distrusts political labeling as “too simplistic” and “an escape from responsibility”. Lo Bianco was married from 1964 until 1984 to Dora Landey. He was married to Elizabeth Fitzpatrick from 2002 until 2008. He married his current wife, Alyse Best Muldoon, in June 2015.

La ragnatela del silenzio – A. An Actor Takes His Portrayal of La Guardia Far Beyond Broadway”. The Engagement Ring Archived 2007-05-19 at the Wayback Machine. Current Off-Broadway run of The Little Flower: The Life of Fiorello H. Il bianco è un colore con elevata luminosità, ma senza tinta. Più precisamente contiene tutti i colori dello spettro elettromagnetico ed è chiamato anche colore acromatico.