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This is a step-by-step photo guide of taking RER B Paris city trains from CDG Airport Terminal 2 to Paris city centre. From the CDG arrivals blue Mondays – 6 PDF to central Paris, I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to make this transfer.

Författare: Emily Dubberley.

If you’re arriving at Terminal 1, see the CDG Terminal 1 to Paris photo guide. For train times, train ticket prices, maps and other details see the Overview CDG to Paris by Train article. Security: Thieves work on this train! If you’re seated near the front of the plane and are the first to exit, you’ll be the first to go through immigration screening by French national police. Next you’ll collect your baggage at the carousels. Estimate a good 30 minutes for this. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of expediency, perhaps even a little slow.

Customs control for baggage is next, which is separate from passport control and handled by customs officers near the exit of the baggage collection area. After this you’ll exit into an unsecured area of Charles de Gaulle Airport free to make your way to Paris or other cities via train. F in order to catch the RER train. The shuttle buses, circulating every 4-5 minutes, can be found just outside the arrivals area of 2G.

Follow these two signs to get to the trains from CDG Airport Terminal 2 to Paris. Follow these signs to make your way to the train station located right within Terminal 2. In this photo, we see that the train station at Terminal 2 is 3 to 5 minutes walk from Terminal 2F. Here is a map of Charles de Gaulle Airport showing the layout of CDG Terminal 2. CDGVAL shuttle train between CDG’s 3 terminals and parking structures. Closer to the train station area you’ll find more signs directing you down to the station. Train Station Photos When you’ve arrived at CDG Terminal 2 train station, you’ll be on Level 4 of an atrium.

Train ticket vending machines, green, yellow and blue. Thalys, Lyria, Eurostar, ICE, Intercities, Corail, etc. RER B tickets, Paris Metro, Versailles, Disneyland, etc. Paris RER train ticket office at extreme right. You may wish to withdraw some Euro cash notes from the HSBC bank machine or exchange money from the clerk. PIN-protected credit cards, they generally won’t work with the automated ticket machines. Thus you’ll need Euro cash to buy your tickets from the ticket office.