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This article includes inline citations, but they are not properly formatted. Dali saw the beauty of the atom and was interested in the how the atom makes up everything. In this painting, Dali wanted to show the motion that all objects have, that although nature morte PDF object is still, it is always full of millions of atoms that are constantly in motion. He portrays this thought throughout his painting.

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Every object in the painting is moving in some direction, one that an object of that type normally does not do. Dali took inspiration from Dutch painter Floris Van Schooten and his painting Table with Food for his own painting Nature Morte Vivante. He took something as simple and universal as a still life, which artists have been creating and recreating for thousands of years, and put his signature style on it. This painting perfectly captures his theory of nuclear mysticism, and helps to bring it to life and give the public a visual of his theory, Nuclear Mysticism.

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