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Addiator is a trade name of Addiator Gesellschaft of Berlin, which manufactured very popular, small, hand-held, stylus operated, mechanical calculators of the same name. Over vintage Berlin PDF years there were many manufacturers of this type of calculator, but in the same way that ‘Hoover’ has become synonymous with vacuum cleaner, so ‘Addiator’ became synonymous with this type of calculator. Made in Germany 1920s – 1930s.

Författare: Cristina Leone.

Vintage Berlin” è un libro fotografico che ritrae la Berlino dei giorni nostri, una città che ha mantenuto in ogni suo aspetto quell’affascinante e inconfondibile carattere vintage. “Vintage Berlin” vuol dire parlare per immagini, per istantanee di un mondo che affiorna ancora prepotente negli scorci di talune vedute. Non è la foto che ritrae un brandello di muro a richiamare la vita degli altri ma sono le architetture, le installazioni e la street art manifesto di tale mondo.

See the Sterling Currency Calculators section for further details. One side of the instrument is used for addition and the reverse for subtraction. The stylus advances each column by the number to be added or subtracted, with carry possible to the next column. These early Addiators are quite large items, though were the pocket calculator of the day. Later models were much smaller, as shown at the bottom of this page. Made and presented by Addiator Gesellschaft, Berlin.

This instrument, which shows the latest development of the Troncet type of arithmograph, was placed on the market in August 1920, and 100,000 examples were sold within a year. It is attractively designed on mass production lines, and various models are made, adapted to different systems of coinage, weights and measures. This type of calculator was introduced by the Frenchman Troncet in 1889. The Addiator brand was one of the most popular calculators of this sort, and the name is often used to refer to the type generally. They were very popular and many models were manufactured into the 1970s and specialist ones even into the 1980s.